Monday, April 30, 2007


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Sunday, April 29, 2007


WHEW! It has been BUSY around here! I don't even know when the last time I posted was or what it was about. Let me just give you the condensed version of our activities:

Field Trip to a fun farm (pictures still on my camera)
Pre-Op appointments
Lance's operation- tubes in and adenoids out
Billy working a lot
Me working when I can
Initiated the sprinkler
Spending afternoons outside

Just busy, busy, busy!

Lance's surgery went good. He was not happy when he came out of the anesthesia. And he is recovering fine. He has his moments. Hopefully this is the last time we need to do this. Lance has added to his pile of stuff he drags around everywhere. His Thomas beach towel he got at Easter. He calls it his Thomas train blank. Blank is short for blankie. And ever since Friday he is attached to his pacifier. We were slowly breaking him of using it during the day but he was in such pain and so sad I gave in.

Garrett is doing fine. He goes and goes until he crashes. And it is not pretty. He announced the other night that he was getting me Oreos for Mother's Day. And when I was dropping him off with my mom the other day we were discussing why Lance was not with him and the surgery. He asked if Lance was going to the hospital and I told him he was. He then asked if "Lance be bornded again? Is he back in your tummy?"

OK- that is a wrap for today. My new blog/site will be open on Tuesday (maybe sooner) and will have a forum and gallery. Until then...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


This blog is packing up and moving to a new home!


Friday, April 20, 2007


Credits are in my gallery HERE

And I am writing this post from my new space! Still working on hiding the wires and the little messes that come with moving rooms. I love it and in the few days it has been set up it has made a HUGE improvement in our household. Life is good!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Amanda Heimann Designs
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5) why you want to be a memeber of the team
Requirements: to create 4 layouts per month and have fun!
Benefits: access to all my designs

Call ends April 30, 2007.


If you are here looking for cute stories and pictures MOVE ALONG. This is all about Amanda Heimann Designs! Sorry Billy!

New to my store::

A Little Crumpled Ribbons

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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Saturday was an early Easter for use. It would be the boy's 3rd Easter celebration. We started the day by looking to see what the bunny left in the nest. He left the boys a little croquet set! They ripped into it and started playing with their uncles. Then they watched CARS with their uncles. And then it was lunch time and the Greats all came over to have lunch and hunt eggs. The egg hunt was super fast since it was so cold, windy and wet. Trevor was dressedd appropriately. A little while after that we loaded everything up and came on home. We gave the boys baths and made their indoor nests out of pillowcases for the bunny to leave surprises in. We told Garrett that the Easter Bunny would leave eggs inside since it was raining out and he thought that was cool.

On Sunday we woke the boys up to hunt eggs. They first saw their nests and spent a little time checking out all the goodies. Then Garrett realized there were eggs everywhere. They ran all over the living room looking high and low for eggs. And we are still missing one egg. A hard boiled egg. I am sure it will make its presence known soon.

After a good breakfast we went to church. Billy then decided that we would go to Great Grandma's for lunch and a quick visit. It was a quick visit because Lance was exhausted and I could see the meltdown coming. After we got home the boys played outside and Billy cooked fajitas. It was another early night. I think we have finally recovered from the busy weekend.

This week has been jsut a normal week. Lance had a few yucky days like he always does after a busy weekend. Luckily the sniffles have stopped. Garrett has been really good lately- makes me wonder.

Today I went to get Lance new shoes. He is in a size 8 now. He is growing too fast! And I had a very sad moment today. I went to Old Navy to exchange Garrett's new swimsuit. It was a 5T and was too big in the waist. I knew a 4T would be too small so I got an XS in the boy's size and IT FIT! He has outgrown the little boy section and is now in the BOYS section. No more cute matching clothes for him.

Time to go cook supper!